About Vacchiano Farm 

At Vacchiano Farm, we are real farmers working a real farm – one hundred acres of beautiful, fertile land in the western part of New Jersey known as the Skylands Region. We founded Vacchiano Farm as a family enterprise in 1983, and have proudly participated in farmers’ markets throughout northern New Jersey since 1992. Our parents’ families still tend generations-old farms in Italy, and we carry on their traditions here with respect and care.

Our farm lies in the heart of Warren County, an American Viticultural Area, and a distinguished wine appellation prized by vintners for more than two hundred years. Our mature vineyard consists of eleven+ acres of American hybrid wine grapes, and we offer well-rounded red and supple white wines. We use our oak, stainless steel and glass casks to develop distinct characteristics for our vintages.

We raise many types of crops and livestock – this diverse “patchwork” of products takes best advantage of our farm’s nourishing earth, and our dedication to providing variety. We tend our land and livestock daily to keep them in prime condition. In a typical year, we harvest over fifteen acres of vegetables. We are especially known for our tomatoes - we currently grow over twenty-five varieties - and offer a full complement of greens, herbs, corn, peppers and more. Our spring and summer crops yield a wide array of delicious berries and fruits.

We take particular pride in nurturing our animals. We raise our own beef, lamb, chickens, ducks, and Traditional and Heritage Breed turkeys in a healthy farm setting, using the land and local, natural feeds. The animals roam free with plenty of fresh air, mineral-rich well water, and all live on a purely vegetarian diet of high-protein grains. The animals are allowed to mature naturally, without the use of antibiotics, hormones or growth stimulants. Our beef is slaughtered in a small-scale USDA inspected and approved facility. We butcher the sides into a full range of delicious steaks and other cuts, and grind our own beef. We do all poultry processing on our farm and provide the best-tasting and most tender chickens you’ll find.

Supplementing our produce and meats, we offer a variety of specialty foods and baked goods that are tasty additions to your table. Savory potpies, flaky fruit pies, intensely flavorful sauces, breads, cheese and traditional sausages are made from scratch in our own facility, which is inspected by the Warren County Board of Health, assuring cleanliness and freshness.

We love what we do, and are proud to preserve traditional farming techniques while using up-to-date and environmentally conscientious methods. While we use some modern machinery to make our work easier, all that we do on the farm would have seemed perfectly normal a hundred years ago. We employ Integrated Pest Management (IPM), minimizing the use of controlled substances so we can provide you with foods that are clean, healthy and delicious - the foods that we, and our children enjoy.
Three generations of the Vacchiano family are proud to bring you the finest authentic flavors of the Garden State.

Anthony Vacchiano